Period Masonry & Repairs


Bricks, stone and mortar have been with us for many centuries,in different forms as part of the buildings we create to live and work in.

Always subject to the demands of economics ,fashion and availability as well as of course,geology, masonry comes in many forms and amounts.

Our masons of the past, creative and resourceful, were able to get the most from stone, flint or brick for as little cost as they could manage.

This results in regional variation in approach along with variety of size, colour and texture as a trip through any county will tell you.

We think it is important to resist the ever growing homogenisation of modern materials, where we can and retain the local character of brick, flint and stone- these are the elements that provide the character we all enjoy.

To that end, we always try our very best to source materials locally- Bricks ,for example, were often made from local clays, fired within the Parish- the result being that they have unique colour, texture size and absorbency.

Like wise the mortars used- locally made, with the local builders adding their own ingredients, means that lime mortars add character too and we again try to get close to it by analysing the make up of it and then blending something close to it if we can.

With regard to brick repair, we will try wherever we can, not to remove/disturb too much- if a brick is clearly beyond hope then we will replace, but we can ,with our specialist equipment also cut the brick out whole, turn it around and re bed it in the same hole, but with the previously protected face now exposed.

It relies upon sensitivity, the experience of a craftsman/woman and patience, but the results are worth it.