Starting the work

Having a brief , the actual craft work of bringing it to life can begin.

The first is to clear out the debris- this can be considerable and so, so messy, but once out of the way real progress can be achieved.

We of course would ONLY use lime mortars- blended to suit the needs of the brief and also reclaimed materials unless a re-design calls for modern elements.

We source our lime products from various suppliers to the trade, such as Mike Wye and associates@, or Ty Mawr @

Materials brought to the property ought to be sourced locally if possible, should be sound, and in the case of bricks, should be matching in terms of colour, texture, size and absorbancy.

The first priority is to ensure that the structure is sound and any element removed are safely taken out.

The  brickwork can then be dealt with and beams etc inserted, cleaned up and a hearth laid- each project is unique and requires a bespoke approach- it takes time, skill and patience, but the results are always worth the wait!


Our extensive range of local contacts for reclaimed materials makes sourcing these a lot easier.

We also have close contacts with a range of other trades from painters and decorators to plumbers and carpenters, all sympathetic to period homes.

We have particularly close association with and regularly work together on our larger projects.